Car insurance when it comes to covering natural disasters

It's surprising how quick people tend to forget about natural disasters after they've occurred. As soon as the consequences are eliminated it seems like things get back to normal and the disaster won't happen ever again. It's even more surprising to see such an attitude in people who live in areas where natural calamities are a common or even a periodic event. There's a feel of carelessness in their attitude when they don't take the hard lessons seriously and don't get prepared for the coming disaster seriously. One of the most common examples of such careless behavior is not insuring one's car against natural disasters. Of course, there are more important things that usually have to be covered such as house or health. Nevertheless, a car is the primary means of transportation in this country and it can be very hard to overcome the consequences of a serious storm, flood, earthquake or tornado without working set of wheels. So how do you protect your car against the damage caused by a natural disaster?

Comprehensive coverage is the most useful thing in car insurance when it comes to dealing with types of damage that aren't caused by a direct collision with a vehicle or someone's property. Typically, comprehensive coverage deals with the damage caused by windstorms, explosions, riots, vandalism, theft, falling trees and other things that cannot be classified as traffic situations. In most cases comprehensive coverage is enough to pay for a totaled car after a serious natural calamity. However, you first have to make sure that the type of damage that was inflicted to your car doesn't make part of the exclusions section. Unfortunately, this happens too often, especially in places where particular disasters are more common.

For example, the insurance companies operating in the infamous Tornado Alley will usually exclude any type of tornado-related damage from the comprehensive policy and will require the customer to purchase a weaver for additional money. Some of you may think that it's a pure rip-off, but you have to look at the situation from the insurer's point of view. Why would they include a particular type of damage into a standard policy if it has nearly a 100% occurrence rate over a short period of time? After all, hundreds and thousands of tornadoes take place each year in the region, causing millions of dollars in losses, and it's the insurer who pays the most in the end. So it's hard to blame them for wanting to earn money in a situation when they are dealing with huge losses on a regular basis.

The example of Tornado Alley can be extrapolated on other regions too. Areas with common floods, earthquakes or windstorms are places where you will certainly face inconvenient exclusions when it comes to car insurance coverage. But is it actually cheaper to avoid purchasing any weavers? Certainly not, as you may end up with your car being totaled and the company not paying you anything because the case made it to the exclusions. Sure, it's not the best way to get cheap car insurance but at least you will keep your car properly insured for all situations. And it's never too late to compare car insurance quotes to see if other companies have something more affordable to offer.


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