Car Safety Features Such As Airbags, ABS, ESC and Crumple Zones Help Saving Money

When shopping around for car insurance quotes, you could end up seeing widely varying numbers. Indeed different car insurance companies can charge you significantly different amounts. However, each company has their own system that they use when coming up with a quote. One might place more emphasis on the location of the client, for example, while another might think their credit rating is more important.

Even though different companies focus on different areas, the same basic factors are used to determine car insurance quotes. This includes the safety features in the car. Older cars are usually lacking in this department; new technology is added almost every year, making cars safer and safer. Here are some of the safety features that will help you see lower car insurance quotes.

Airbags. These days you'll see airbags in almost every new car, but that wasn't always the case. Even in the middle to late 1990's, there were still cars being produced without airbags. That means that if your car is an older model, it may be lacking this key safety feature. It's also not just the presence of airbags that makes a difference; the number and location also play a part. Some new vehicles are now being produced with up to nine airbags, but four is considered standard.

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS). This is another feature found in most new cars on the market. If you have to make a hard brake, your vehicle's ABS will keep your wheels from locking up. This makes it easier to control the car on difficult surfaces, and it lets you keep steering your car even after you slam on the brakes.

Electronic stability control (ESC). ESC works with the ABS to improve a vehicle's response to a situation. Basically, it is a computerized system that helps you keep control of the vehicle during high-speed turns, while driving on slippery surfaces, or when you suddenly need to brake or swerve. This is still quite a new technology; it didn't become mandatory in new vehicles until 2012. THis means that if your vehicle is more than a few years old, it probably does not have ESC.

Crumple zones. A crumple zone is a structural feature generally found in the front section of a vehicle. They are designed to absorb the energy of a collision, thus protecting the driver and passengers inside the car.

Buying a car with great safety features will certainly help you see lower car insurance quotes, but that's not the end of the story. Sure, it's nice to save money each month, but paying attention to the safety features when buying a car does much more than that; in the terrible case of disaster, these features can save your life.


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