Maintaining tires can help reduce car insurance quotes over time

While looking for a good rate on your car insurance, make sure that you understand that regular care of your car is essential. Over time cars will begin to show wear and tear and need to be updated, but there are specific areas of the car that should be assessed more often than not. Tire care is one of these areas. When tires begin to wear they can be a direct reason as to why accidents happen as well as possibly injury to you or others, leading to higher insurance costs.

There are a few routine maintenance items that should be done regularly to know if your tires need replacing or improvements on your vehicle. If your tires are in poor condition it can result in not only damage to your alignment, but damage to the axel, undercarriage and frame of the wheels. These repairs are more costly and can affect your car insurance rate negatively.

Repair Damage or Replace

If you have a flat or leak in your tire, inspect the tire to see if there are any gashes, nails, screws or other items that have penetrated the tire and possibly the inside tube. When forging objects penetrated the out rubber only most car care shops can repair the tire and send you on your way. However, if the damage is done to the inner tube, you will need to replace the entire wheel. Another reason to replace your tire is if the tread is worn or weak. A general rule of thumb us when you place a penny in the tread of the tire, the face of the president should be covered by half. When tread wears down on tires it puts the driver at risk for reduced traction and possible blowouts. These have the potential to cause major accidents and bodily harm.


Every few months or when you have a change in tires, you should have a tire rotation done. This is to ensure that the tires are worn evenly and not one more significantly than the other. If the tires are not properly rotated the driver runs the risk of getting more wear and tear on some of the tires, but not all. This can be costly as it will result in more tire repair and replacement. Improper tire rotation can also be the cause for poor alignment.


When tires are replaced or repaired ensure that an alignment is done properly. Alignments are designed for the wheels to be lined up properly with the steering column. IF this is not executed it can result in improper turns, over shot or corners and possibly accidents. Filing more accident claims can be a surefire way to see your car insurance quotes skyrocket.

Proper maintenance can be sure to decrease the risk you place on yourself and others. To keep car insurance quotes at a minimum always assess the maintenance needs of your car and see a reputable mechanic to make all repairs.


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