Quotes for home insurance and the differences in preparation between Hurricanes and Tornados

Natural disasters are part of life, and unfortunately can hit us hard. These types of disasters span the nation coast to coast in the form of earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and even fire. However there are a few differences when dealing with home insurance and how these natural disasters can affect your place of residence, the amount of insurance coverage you are required to have and how you will be covered in the event of such a disaster.

Tornado and Hurricanes seem to be the majority of natural disasters that we see recently leveling houses, sweeping away neighborhoods and leaving their inhabitant without shelter. But how do these types of disasters affect your home insurance bill? Not surprisingly, they are very different.


It is likely that you have either felt the effects of a tornado, seen images of one on TV or have actually lived through one if you are living in the Midwest region of the United States. Residential areas that are affected by tornados on a recurring timeline often are required or suggested to have increased coverage for tornado damage on their home insurance plans. Because there are areas that are clearly mapped, such as the infamous "tornado alley", which spans from Montana, south and southeast through Texas, these areas are likely to have a mandatory clause in the insurance plans that require additional coverage in the event of a tornado. When tornadoes strike, they are unforgiving and can level a house within seconds. This means that all of your possessions, the entire structure of the home and the lives of you and your family are at risk. Without proper home insurance quotes, you are likely to be in financial straits if a tornado were ever to hit your neighborhood.


Hurricanes are a devastating natural disaster that can often take many years to recover from as we have seen over the last few years. The question is, what is it that makes a hurricane so bad for the area that it affects. One major factor about hurricanes that differ from a Tornado is the water. Water wreaks havoc on homes causing irreversible damages, producing health deteriorating mold and leaving homes inhabitable. When water becomes at a level where it enters your home and consumes your house, there is no way to salvage items, as it may be the case in a tornado. With home insurance quotes, you may be required to have additional coverage or hurricane coverage if you are residing in areas along the coast, and where storms are likely to hit. One other factor that will have a large impact on the home insurance quote is the flood zone. Flood zones are designed to determine is your residence is within an area that is likely to flood in the event of a major storm, such as a hurricane. If you are in a flood zone you can expect to have an increase in home insurance to cover damages.

It is a good idea to review your home insurance quote with your licensed agent to see if you are in need of additional coverage for your residence. There is no worse scenario to be without the proper insurance once a natural disaster hits.

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